Monday, June 28, 2010

New York Insanity

The New York City District Attorney did an undercover sting on Home Depot and several other retailers charging them with selling switchblades and gravity knives. One report is they consider a knife you pinch between your fingers by the blade and sling the handle down to be a gravity knife.
The retail chains coughed up a total of 1.9 million dollars to escape prosecution, turned over what knives they had in stock, and promised never to sell such knives in New York again. Evil knives like: Benchmade, Kershaw, Spyderco, Smith & Wesson, to name a few.
They are also funding a $900,000 "knife awareness" campaign.
A large chunk of that money will go to other counties in New York State who sign on to go after knives too.
Is this bribery? A shakedown? Both?
Several companies have stated they will no longer ship any lockback knives into New York State.
The DA said they were also going into Phase II of his shakedown and going after out of state sellers who shipped these "illegal" knives (by his definition), into NYC.
So as much as I hate to say it, if you live in New York state, we will be unable to ship such knives to you. If you live in New York your solution to this madness is to vote them out, work for their opponents, and get someone in there that has respect for a citizen's rights and the United States Constitution.

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