Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flyer beware

Traveling for a knife person is pure hell these days.

First it's finding a time you can get there, then the price, then you now have to limit your bag weight to 50 pounds, and on top of that if you go over 50 lbs, they want to charge you $50.00 more in addition to the 35 bucks they grab from you for checking a single bag.

I have a CPAP machine I have to fly with, which requires a hard shell suitcase.

So while going to the Austin show and to stop by the Beckett Dallas headquarters (where the ad sales department of Knives Illustrated is located), I packed three days worth of clothes. That with the cpap and the suitcase? 49.5 pounds.

I carried on my laptop, camera, and a few important items.

At the Houston airport, I have reserved a rental car, special rate, $39.00 a day. I buy their insurance because when I checked on my policy my insurance only covers their car if my primary vehicle on which I have collision is parked at home. Then I check in, get the bill and I'm paying $99 a day.

The difference? Per the attendant the Houston airport (BUSH), means a car rented on airport property is subject to a 55% tax.

Had I known that and taken a cab to a rental site off the airport grounds, I would have saved most of that tax.

Live and learn. .